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Early 1950s Photo of Centralia, WA, Willys Dealer on ebay

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UPDATE: As Mark notes, and I missed, the truck pictured is a 1954 at the earliest, so the pic must have been taken after that.

This is likely a reprint, but it’s still a neat photo. It also show the early “J” logo sign. I’m not a Packard expert, but I’d say based on the grille on the car in the window of the auto shop that this photo must have been taken circa 1954-56.

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2 Comments on “Early 1950s Photo of Centralia, WA, Willys Dealer on ebay

  1. Mark

    The Jeep pickup has the large rear window, and the absence of the w o on the tailgate would make it a 1954 model at the earliest

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mark, good points! I was so busy trying to figure out the car in the shop that I forgot to consider the age of the truck. I’ve updated the post.

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