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The Clara Rose Ice Cream Truck

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Florida’s Tampa Bay Times published an article about local mobile businesses a couple weeks ago. One of those businesses included a beautiful 1964 FJ-3A ice cream truck, run by Carlos Velez: The Clara Rose Ice Cream Truck.

Before he opened his business, Carlos worked as a Sheriff’s deputy at a maximum security jail. Wanting a change of life, he decided to open an ice cream business, but one that was of a better quality than the standard ice cream distributors. That led him to search for an FJ. He found the perfect one and it’s a beautiful rig as you can see below.

Learn more about his FJ in the article:

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4 Comments on “The Clara Rose Ice Cream Truck

  1. Mike

    The news story states that the MENTIONED FJ3A Fleetvan was a post office vehicle, not so. This is the longer, left hand drive model made for the civilian, commercial market. No big deal, just wanted to point that out, too many people are getting the 2 models confused.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike, I noticed the news article mentioned that as well.

    Yeah, there remains confusion between the FJ-3 and FJ-3A (as well as the DJ-3A vis-a-vis being USPS vehicles). The FJ-3A was the longer one and was marketed to consumers. Most (if not all?) the FJ-3s went to the post office.

    – Dave

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