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FJ-3 Vs. FJ-3A


In a discussion about FJ-3s and FJ-3As, I wondered why I was confused about the grille FJ-3s had. After looking at some pics and brochures, I realized that the brochures I had all showed the FJ-3 with an FC-like grille. Yet, all the production model images I could find had a horizontal grille. I don’t know when or why the change was made; perhaps it had to do with the intellectual property issue associated with the normal ‘jeep’ grille vis-a-vis the US Post Office?

Also of note, the front bumpers in the brochures are different and the brochure FJ-3s lack panel-side windows, whereas the production models have them.

The FJ-3A, which, as I understand, was targeted at non-USPS businesses, dropped the FC-looking grille design and went back to the vertical tines. The production models were consistent with that. Based on the brochures and pics, the panel-side rear windows were not carried over from the FJ-3 either.



4 Comments on “FJ-3 Vs. FJ-3A

  1. Barney Goodwin

    This particular vehicle is out of my wheelhouse. But I have a practical reason which may explain the horizontal grill during the period of the postal contract: Cooling. Larger opening behind the larger grill. More airflow to the radiator for in town, start and stop traffic and idling. That motor would need all the help it could get in this category.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    That sounds like a good reason to me. We probably will never be able to document how it all came to pass.

  3. Gayland Leddy

    I just saw an orange FJ3 with he horizontal grille on Sesame Street. The Cookie Monster was driving it.

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