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Kermath Sea Engine w/ Hydro Jet Seven Valleys, PA $500

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Jordan spotted this unusual combo. This package creates an early jet powered boat using a Kermath modified L-134 and a Hanley Hydrojet. I’ve included a Kermath brochure and links to the development of the Hydrojet by Keenan Hanley at the bottom of the post.

“Willys Jeep engine block casting number 804380, and Hanley Kermath HydroJet. I’ve never attempted to start. $500”
kermath-hanley-engine-hydrojet0 kermath-hanley-engine-hydrojet1 kermath-hanley-engine-hydrojet2

kermath-hanley-engine-hydrojet01 kermath-hanley-engine-hydrojet3 kermath-hanley-engine-hydrojet4 kermath-hanley-engine-hydrojet5 kermath-hanley-engine-hydrojet6

This is a brochure for the Kermath modified L-134:


Here’s a schematic of the hydrojet developed by Keenen Hanley:


From the book “Without a Prop” By David S. Yetman. IT includes some background on the development of the system.


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