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Two Nearly Identical Jeep Family Brochures

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These two nearly identical jeep brochures were published in different colors a year apart. The red version was published in late 1959. The blue (or green-blue?) brochure was published in late 1960.


Page 1: The truck at the mid-far-left of the page on the 1960 version has the ‘hockey stick’ styling, where the 1959 version has the older styling. Curiously, the wagons are identical.

Page 2: The ‘hockey’ stick 4WD utility wagon moves from the right to the left hand side on the 1960 brochure, while the older-design 2WD wagon is dropped in favor of the Harlequin-design wagon. The plain version of the truck is swapped for the ‘hockey’ stick truck. There are a variety of small text edits as well.

Page 3: Some very minor edits. The red version of the brochure is marked Form NO. 59-19, while the blue version is marked Form No. 600-19. Both brochures were part of a 20 series set of brochures both years. Once I get both sets of brochures complete, I will do a post for each year of brochures.

1959:  1959-18-red-jeep-4wheel-drive-brochure1-lores 1959-18-red-jeep-4wheel-drive-brochure2-lores1959-18-red-jeep-4wheel-drive-brochure3-lores


1960-0-19-blue-jeep-4wheel-drive-brochure1-lores 1960-0-19-blue-jeep-4wheel-drive-brochure2-lores 1960-0-19-blue-jeep-4wheel-drive-brochure3-lores


3 Comments on “Two Nearly Identical Jeep Family Brochures

  1. Mike

    I always favored the hockey stick trim as opposed to the earlier narrow strip trim running along the sides from hood to rear tail light. My dad’s 1960 (4 wheel drive) wagon was a combination of both trims, hockey stick with the narrow strip of trim on both sides of the hood. I’ve never seen another one like it, but then again, Willys was known for using up whatever parts they had on hand.

    Dave, I admire you patience and thank you for tracking down all this information, keeping us informed.

  2. Mike

    Dave, Yes, replacement hood would be the logical answer. It’s just one of those Willys Jeep mysteries of life that continue to haunt me. When I was a kid, I always liked that extra trim strip on the hood, made me feel that my dad and his wagon were special. As I type this, I see the wagon in my mind, metallic grey and off white.

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