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“Veteran” Jeep Story at

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An article was published late last week about a WWII veteran who restored a jeep. It’s a touching tribute by the daughter of the veteran about her father’s restoration of a WWII jeep. The one glaring issue is that the jeep isn’t a WWII jeep; it’s a CJ-2A.



5 Comments on ““Veteran” Jeep Story at

  1. Chuck

    “The one glaring issue is that the jeep isn’t a WWII jeep; it’s a CJ-2A.”

    I know you had to say that before someone else with less tact pointed it out, 😂. To me the issue is as with most things; people with big money force the average guy out of what originally started as an affordable hobby for average people. Therefore the average guy has to either get lucky finding a cheap MB /GPW or start with a CJ that is affordable. Of course, there are those who capitalize on just painting everything olive drab green.
    Btw, this IS a very beautiful Jeep; he did an nice job!

  2. Terry

    I think I’ll take a red ’57 Chevy convertible , paint it OD green , put some stars on it an call it a WW 2 army jeep and sell it on Ebay .

  3. Chuck

    @Terry, the context was Jeeps, although people also do it with old trucks. As for your scheme; add blackout lights and who knows….?

  4. David Eilers Post author

    I agree Chuck, it definitely is nicely done. But, it’s my own pet peeve; given it’s an article written for a newspaper, I expect at least a minimal amount of due diligence regarding history. But, I do recognize I’m screaming into the wind. Those that need to hear it the most won’t hear it at all.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Terry, I admit being curious, as an experiment, as to how many folks would believe it (and no doubt some would)…

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