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Jalpnik’s David Tracy Struggles w/ Selling 2 of His Loves

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This article appears in Jalopnik on Friday. He’s struggling (emotionally) with selling two of his jeeps: A CJ-2A and a DJ-5. I don’t currently see the 2A listed for sale on FB.



2 Comments on “Jalpnik’s David Tracy Struggles w/ Selling 2 of His Loves

  1. Scouting Ranch

    I’ll make the unpopular comment of “it’s just a vehicle, it ain’t life support” I will follow up by adding I have bought and sold dozens of hobby cars/4×4’s over a forty year period. I’ve never been attached, it’s just a thing. Now, if I lose a pet, that’s a different story, I fall apart. And I did my best to lose my ex-wife a number of times as she wasn’t like a pet, more a pest.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Many folks (men and women) with an ex can probably related to that!

    I agree that most things are just stuff. But, I do have a few items, like the things that readers have given Ann and I over the years as we travel around, that I have sitting on my shelves. They remind me of all the great people out there … I don’t think I could sell them. I’d have to find a collector friend and donate them.

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