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Year? GPW Ortonville, MI $5000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5000.

(08/02/2019) Has a variety of body ‘fixes’.

1942-gpw-orton-mi0 1942-gpw-orton-mi1 1942-gpw-orton-mi2 1942-gpw-orton-mi3 1942-gpw-orton-mi4

“My grandfather restored it back in late 90s and got it about 95 percent done. He got sick and it sat in his garage for 20 years. Not a numbers matching jeep and I am in the process of getting a title. Most everything was rebuilt engine axles and trans. Runs and stops. Steering is tight. Last year at Halloween we were pulling a hay wagon around and something in the rear end let loose. Only moves in front wheel drive. Entire jeep was taken apart and sandblasted no rust. Make me an offer.”


3 Comments on “Year? GPW Ortonville, MI $5000

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Are those Solid Disc Rims?
    Unfortunately no oil filter? Air cleaner? Fuel filter? Plus a Solex carb, tailgate modification and no tool boxes… things to think about if someone wants this as a WWII jeep restoration project.
    Still could be worth it… lots of value still here.

  2. Robert K Hoepfner

    Is engine l-134? Is it stamped with mb/gpw serial number? Is frame stamped with mb/gpw serial number on passenger side rear frame? Does it have t-84 transmission? does it have Dana 18 transfer case? Does it have Dana 23-2 rear axle? does it have Dana 25 front axle? Is rear axle housing undamaged? Has engine been converted to 12v? Do you still have the oil filter, air cleaner, fuel filter, original generator, original carb?

  3. Joe in Mesa

    From the photos, it certainly appears to have a L-134 engine and it has been converted to 12 volt (GM alternator installed). Otherwise, you’d need to ask the seller those questions, but it looks like this listing has expired on CraigsList.

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