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1957? Family of 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles

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I bought this brochure years ago. I’m glad I did, because I think I’ve only seen one other appear on eBay. The is high on my list of favorites. It’s a high quality print job on textured paper. The downside of the textured paper is that I had to manipulate the images to turn them into decent scans, but doing so made the yellows brighter than they ought to be.

This brochure has no date, but given that includes the FC-150 and FC-170 models and labels those models “New”, then my guess is this brochure was published in mid-to-late 1957. Curiously, the brochure also includes the new ‘Hockey Stick’ style 2-Wheel Drive Wagon, but doesn’t mention that the design is new or anything about ‘Maverick’.


1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure00-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure01-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure03-02-lores

1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure04-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure05-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure06-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure07-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure08-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure09-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure10-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure11-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure12-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure13-lores 1957-family-of-4-wheel-drive-jeeps-brochure14-lores


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