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1957 Brochures

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I have three similar brochures from 1957. I’ve dated them 1957 based on the 0-9 King Sealy Speedometer, which was offered through part of 1957 and can be seen inside both the CJ-5 and Truck brochures.

However, there should be at least one additional brochure based on the Form Numbers; I’m missing W-251-6, if it existed. Was there possibly an FC version of this brochure? That was the first year of the FCs.

  1. Form No. W-250-6 (CJ-5/CJ-6/CJ-3B)
  2. Form No. W-251-6 (?): Anyone have this? 
  3. Form No. W-252-6 (Wagons):
  4. Form No. W-253-6 (Trucks):

4 Comments on “1957 Brochures

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Chris, good point. Why use that illustration, yet show pictures of CJ-5s without the split windshield around it. Hmmm.

  2. Dan B.

    Great post. It sounds like the date is already confirmed, but the truck and wagon are 1957 due to the fresh air inlet on the grill.

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