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1947 and 1948 Comparison of Ads for the Jeep

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Both of these ads from the Sullivan Daily Times, out of Sullivan, Indiana, cover the features of the jeep, but do so in slightly different ways. The March 18, 1947, ad focuses on the job-task utility aspects of the jeep, how consumers can use the jeep. The July 13, 1948, ad is less about what the jeep can do task-wise and more about what it can bring consumers beyond specific tasks, such as great mileage, physical comfort, and convenience. I have not studied other ads to see if this was a general trend in Jeep advertising (in other words, I do not know if this shift directed by Willys-Overland or something Citizen’s Garage did on their own).



4 Comments on “1947 and 1948 Comparison of Ads for the Jeep

  1. Mike

    My thoughts on the subject, (for what they are worth) It is my opinion that this duel appeal in advertising was a corporate effort to promote sales after the war effort. Consider the fact that production of the Jeep saved Willys from dismal sales of it’s passenger car. After the war, Willys, still with a limited market share and advertising budget, used this strategy to stretch their limited resources and in the process, encouraged their dealers to do the same. Looks liked it worked, here we are 72 years later, and Jeeps are big sellers.

  2. John

    I dont know about all of you guys, but when I think of 70 year old Jeeps… comfort is the first thing that comes to mind!

  3. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    On the surface it looks like both ads are targeting farmers or serious utility vehicle buyers but to me the second ad seems to be aiming at a wider audience, people that may not be professionals but individuals that could use a jeep to perform tasks that would make their lives easier. I can imagine Willys execs and their advertising agency in a room together trying to figure out “how do we increase sales” and coming up with the second ad. And when exactly did they realize that an off road/4 wheel drive market was emerging? The early ads I’ve seen only briefly mention it.

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