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Random Jeep Photos on eBay

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These photos/slides all have jeeps of one kind or another in them and are for sale on eBay.

1. Photo of a VEC CJ-2A:

2. Photo taken in 1964 of a late model CJ-3B:

3. December 1959 Icelandic Press Photo of FC Van:

4. Young man holding a present(?) standing in front of a 1960s Wagon:

5. WWII(?) Photo of Soldier in Front of WWII Jeep with Wood Enclosure:

6. Unusual Modifications on This Jeep. Gas Tank Moved to Rear:

7. 1945 Photo of Three Service Men Next to Jeep:

8. 1988 Photo of Monster Jeep Race in Jonkoping, Iceland:

9. Willys JEEP Augusta Military Academy ROTC Fort Defiance:

10. 1967 Slide of Family/Friends in Yellow MB/GPW:

11. First 1951 Photo of Woman and Dog Posing with CJ-2A. Note heater(?) hoses coming out the side of the jeep:

12. Second 1951 Photo of Woman and Dog Posing with CJ-2A:

13. 1952 Photo of Soldiers in Korea:

14. Year? WWII? Soldiers and Jeeps Lined Up:

15. 1957 Press Photo of FC-150 From Iceland:



6 Comments on “Random Jeep Photos on eBay

  1. Mike

    The pause that refreshes, a nice trip down memory lane, thanks for sharing these Dave, gets my Sunday off to a good start.

  2. Scouting Ranch

    The FC windowed bus/van…dang what neat machine. Is it wrong to be in love with inanimate object?
    Or, is it inanimate…hmmm

  3. Mike

    When I was in Sister Mary Robert’s 3rd grade, (1950’s NJ) I would doodle draw pencil sketches of FC 150 windowed bus/vans, for a kid who was 8 years old, this was an innovative idea, I had never seen such a vehicle. One day while the good sister was droning on, she caught me doodlling FC 150’s, she grabbed the drawing and said to me; “these are very good, but not on my time,” gave them back to me after class. I still have them stashed away.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Mike: You’ve always been a troublemaker, haven’t you? lol … my wife has Sister Eileen stories. Ann was a bit of a wayward child when attending public school. Her dad was sick with Huntington’s when Ann was young, which kept her mother very busy. So, Ann attended elementary School when she felt like it. Eventually, her mother found out about her wayward habits, pulled her from public school, and sent her to a Catholic school. Even there she was a bit of a troublemaker, too (spent lots of time pulling weeds on the school lawn, hence the Sister Eileen stories).

  5. Mike

    Dave, next to Willys Jeep Tales from the past, Catholic school stories are the best, these two subjects, i never run out of stories to tell. Ann & I would have a lot to talk about.

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