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1949 Directions For Building Toy Willys Wagon

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On August 04, 1949, the Wolcott Beacon out of Wolcott, Indiana, published directions on how to build a toy Willys Wagon for kids. The length of this toy is about 7″.




One comment on “1949 Directions For Building Toy Willys Wagon

  1. Mike

    Looking at these instructions, very detailed and intense, I don’t think the average dad would have the patience or ability to make this model wagon. I know my dad wouldn’t, not even my Uncle Joe.
    I made a willys wagon 1/25 scale, (as close as I could get it) out of tin off set printing plates when I was a teenager, oh so long ago. Held it together with TESTOR’S model glue and masking tape. Spend hours doing this. The end result came out pretty god for a 15 year old kid. The hard part was getting the Testor’s off my fingers, had to use my teeth to peel it off. My mother stepped on it one day, and life was never the same.

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