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1965 FC-150 Hatfield, PA Auction Dec 12

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Nice FC-150 up for auction in December on December 12, 2019.

1965-fc150-hatfield-pa1 1965-fc150-hatfield-pa2 1965-fc150-hatfield-pa3 1965-fc150-hatfield-pa4

“1965 Willy’s Jeep FC-150 Four Wheel Drive

This vehicle will be part of our Live and Online Fine and Decorative Arts Auction held Thursday, December 12th at 10:00 AM.

VIN #: 65548 25528

Stake-body truck. 52,289 miles, 4WD, gasoline fuel type, with transmission 4-speed manual, 4WD High/Low, 2WD High. Green/Cream color scheme. Lighter green and gray pinstripe and “Trees, Energy, Save” logo. Stake-body, Cab-over design. Brakes are not working. Wooden frame supports have been replaced and restored as well as stake-body timbers.

AUCTION PREVIEW: Saturday, December 7th from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM; Monday, December 9th – Wednesday, December 11th from 9:00AM – 4:00 PM; Thursday, December 12th at 8:00 AM

Buyer’s Premium Applies. View terms and conditions, buyer’s premium, all details regarding this auction as well as many other upcoming auctions and additional pictures at our Alderfer Auction website listed below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at the number below.

License number: AY002260
501 Fairgrounds Road, Hatfield PA, 19440
www. Alderfer auction .com


22 Comments on “1965 FC-150 Hatfield, PA Auction Dec 12

  1. Keith

    I know it’s an auction and anything is possible, but what is a realistic price that could be expected for this vehicle?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Keith: I have been surprised at what these FCs are fetching, even the projects (this one needs brakes at the very least). Given the current climate, I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes for over $10k (whether it is worth that amount is another story).

    The pics may not show all the problems, so I believe an in person eval is important on one like this that needs work. Maybe it’s just the master cylinder or maybe it needs all new brakes and lines. In addition, maybe the engine smokes, the electrical all doesn’t work, etc, etc. (I saw no mention as to if it runs). So, personally I’d want to know much more before I bidded.

    – Dave

  3. Mark C

    Looking at the auction site I would think that this will sell on the low side. The huge selection of high end antiques and paper does not fit with a FC jeep. Being an online auction with EWillys listing here maybe there will be some additional interest. The cars really don’t fit with this auction. And this is one hell of an auction.

  4. james schuchardt

    well….i registered with this auction site. we will see….watching closely. goes “live” in 8 days…..

  5. Markus

    Lets try to make this the way Bring a Trailer used to be before it became a high end auction house.
    Let me start by saying that I don’t know the owner of this truck and that I’m not in any way affiliated with the auction house that is selling this truck. I’m not a professional mechanic. I’m just a guy that likes cars, has repaired a maintained my fair share and owned few vintage vehicles over the years.

    I was interested in this FC and since it is close enough I went on Saturday and took a good look at it. I also took several pictures in case anybody is interested.

    Lets start with the good:
    All the trim seems to be there and in quite good shape relative to others that I’ve seen. Chrome is not show quality but is ok.
    Doors open and close very well.
    The cargo box is in very good shape and includes a spot to hang the spare wheel under the right side of the floor.
    The cargo box’s floor is plywood and seems to be in bad shape but this is a very easy fix that should not take more than $50 and a trip to the Home Depot.

    The bad.
    The cab is riddled with bondo and what appear to be questionable repairs. Both corners of the cab are completely shot. Driver side rear corner has a 3 inch rust hole that is filled with bondo. Passenger side rear corner seems to be completely missing and has a very bad repair that is made of at least 2 matal parts attached with pop rivets between themselves and to the rest of the truck. Both corners are covered with copious amounts of bondo to make it look nice on the outside.
    Floorboards on both sides are attached with screws and nuts and covered with carpet (carpet is glued in place so I couldn’t see much).
    I saw someone complain about the red interior on a green truck… Well that would not be an issue because most of it should be torn and tossed. The headliner is sagging and made of a fabric that is more suited for a discount Santa costume. I’m 6 ft tall and the headliner was on my head all the time.
    A significant part of the interior has carpet glued to the floor. I would probably remove all of it the minute I got it to check the extent of the damage to the floorboards and the quality of the repairs.
    There seems to be bondo in most of the rain gutters and the doorjambs
    There are several points where the paint is starting to bubble.
    There are several deep scratches on the roof. Deep enough to have completely removed the paint and have developed surface rust.
    The whole paint job seems to be on the cheap with over sprays all over the place.
    The brake pedal goes straight to the floor. Seems like there is a leak somewhere and the brake fluid is draining out of the system.

    In balance. This is not the worst FC I’ve ever seen but it is not as good as the pictures might lead you to believe. I’ve taken some pictures. If anyone is interested I can email them (I didn’t find an option to post pictures here).

    If any of you is really considering bidding on this truck I would suggest getting someone you trust to go see it in person. That way you will know how much to pay and what you will get for your money.

  6. Mike

    Markus, It’s good to know that someone actually takes the time to make an honest and fair assessment of vehicle condition. In today’s marketplace, too many sellers are trying to cash in and exploit the market, and fleece the buyers. Thank you for your time and effort to keep us informed.

  7. james schuchardt

    i was outbid in about 3 minutes. sold for 11,000.00 a few moments ago. i knew my max bid of 6500.00 was going to be too low.

  8. Mike

    11 grand plus, buyer be ware, sometimes I am am amazed at the stupidity of some buyers. What ever happened to “Horse trading”.

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