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Stock CJ-5 Engine Compartment Photos

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Maury’s assembling a thread at the Early CJ-5 page of factory images or nearly original CJ-5 engine compartment photos. Hopefully, some more folks have photos they can contribute.



8 Comments on “Stock CJ-5 Engine Compartment Photos

  1. Mike

    In all the 40 years that I’ve owned my 1966 CJ5, it never looked this clean, not sure I would want a engine compartment looking that clean, I guess what I’m trying to say is You don’t want a picture of my engine compartments. Grease and oil give a vehicle character, To each his own.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike. I believe it’s just for research purposes to help document how the compartment should look for folks who want to properly restore their CJ-5s.

  3. Mike

    Dave, thanks for setting me straight, I mean that, sometimes my sense of reality is a bit off track. Could be from living in NJ all those years, exhaust fumes from the Garden State Parkway.

  4. Chuck

    Oh, that is gorgeous! Wish I still had a factory air cleaner. Must be karma for all the ones I replaced with crome hot rod ones as a teenager, 🙄

  5. Dave from Mn

    I’ll have to look at my alternator pulleys. That one looks large, maybe because it’s solid and not stamped.

  6. Kurt Parmebter

    Thanks for the photo. I work at Iron goat Garage and am currently restoring a 1980 cj 5 with an up grade of a AMC 304. So the photo is a great help. this came to as a roling chassis and bare tub so in photos are a great help I will send a photo to you

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