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CJ-2A Sears Hardtop Pittsburgh, PA $300


UPDATE: This might be an early Meyers-marketed hardtop (pre Sears/Allstate). One clue is the rear hatch’s vertical supports on either side of the window. 

Will need some work.

“Barn find 1946 Jeep cap. Sitting since 1956. Needs some tlc but it’s all there with no dents. Will deliver at buyers expense”

sears-hardtop-pitts-pa0 sears-hardtop-pitts-pa1 sears-hardtop-pitts-pa2


4 Comments on “CJ-2A Sears Hardtop Pittsburgh, PA $300

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Jeremiah,

    You’ll need to contact the seller via Facebook to learn more ( .. you’ll also need a FB account to do this), but the appears to be still available.

    Based on the windshield arms, I’d say this has a CJ-2A windshield.

    This top looks to be an early, rare one built and sold by Meyers rather than a Sears/Allstate version.

    – Dave

  2. Terry

    Again, “Sears ” hard tops were made by Meyers of Mich.( not Meyer of Ohio) and sold by Sears and other retailers . If a Willys jeep was sold by a Studebaker dealership, would it be a Studebaker jeep ???

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I am attempting to separate the tops marketed and sold by the Meyers company vs. the tops later marketed and sold through Sears, but still built by Meyers. It’s a trivial difference for sure.

    – Dave

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