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1946 Bulletin: “The Jeep as a Source of Power …”

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The 1946 Bulletin “The Jeep as a Source of Power and Transportation on Farms and Ranches in Texas” was written by Harris Pearson Smith, Chief of the Division of Agricultural Engineering in the State of Texas. It is available for download off of the site. The pamphlet includes a variety of farm images.

Cover of booklet:


Image 1 compares a WWII jeep used for testing vs. a CJ-2 (note the lack of a fuel inlet and the WWII grille; also looks like JEEP is printed on the windshield) received in April of 1945 for additional testing:

Image 2 describes an early drawbar experiment that was later ruled too narrow:1951-case-histories-of-advertising-images2The last image of the bulletin provides evidence that the jeep can get stuck:



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