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1969 M-151A2 Mount Vernon, IL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8900.

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“M151A2  Illinois title as Jeep Uncut.  Mileage 26661 new last year ,top ,door skins ,  side curtains, all shocks, ,A-arm bushing, eletronic ignition ,inner cap ,spark plugs, fan belts, upper and lower radiator hoses, thermostat,  master cylinder,wheel cylinders, brake hoses, rear driveshaft, all u -joints, rear diff, upper and lower ball joints,  both front coil springs, steering box, wiper blades , canvas grill and hood covers,Stewart Warner mechanical water temp and oil pressure gauges with red LED lights. Stewart Warner 30.000 BTU gasoline heater, working RT524 radio with untested R442,  24 volt to 12 volt converter for Alpine Stereo with 4 Radio Shack Book Shelf speakers,

Rear fording exhaust , Had  ROPS in it ,took it out but left center tube, have a NOS ROPS to go with it with used netting. 5 new Firestone NDCC tires with less than 500 miles on them.  Engo 24 volt 9000 LB winch with 125′  1/4″ cable ,wireless remote with plug for controller under dash.  Both floor pans and battery compartment floor replaced. Has dents and fork lift marks from military moving it around .  Some welds showing.This is a daily driver so miles will be different than listed. Axe and shovel any ammo cans or other items , flashlight ,canteen ,clothing , etc. do not go with vehicle. “


7 Comments on “1969 M-151A2 Mount Vernon, IL **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    I’m surprised to see how many of these “MUTTS” survived. I remember going to a military auction at Picatinny Arsenal in NJ back about 1990 and seeing them sliced in half then flattened like a pancake. Does anybody know the story behind this action? I think it had something to do with them being unstable on the road, and the army issued an order for them to be destroyed. How did some of these M-151’s escape destruction? ( am I correct in the nick name given them MUTTS?)

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike, this 1970 document suggests that the MUTTS weren’t just crushed, they were to be ‘mutilated’. Based on this document it appears the MUTTS and M-170s were supposed to be “Crushed, Shredded, or Baled”. No hint as to the ‘whys’, but perhaps they were deemed unsuitable for resale OR the vehicle contract asked that they not be resold (so as not to compete with consumer vehicles)??

  3. Mike

    Dave, interesting document that answers my question. They actuly had a Guillotine shear on site at Picatinny that cut them in half with one drop of the blade, can you imagine how sharp and powerful that blade was. Gives me chills just to think about it. Thanks for the valued information.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Bob … I can only guess, but I some folks never get around to reading regulations, so they get sold? Some vehicles get ‘retired’ to ex-military members’ garages? Some get donated to NGOs, Non-Profits, Governmental agencies, from which they are sold? I imagine the leakage happens in a variety of ways.

  5. Bruno

    The story of my 151a2 is the “blade” came ya a base and did it’s destroying, and then after it was packed up and ready to pull out there were ten units found in the back of a warehouse. CO said “mark em as destroyed and let’s move out” so they could get going. And they were auctioned with the scrap,,,???!!! Who knows. But we have three in the family.
    Good luck with yours.
    PS. Wish I’d seen the ad earlier. I’d have given you a run for your money. Lol
    Good luck again

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