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1947 CJ-2A Bozeman, MT Make Offer


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/26/2019) It runs, but will need work.

1947-cj2a-bozeman-mt70 1947-cj2a-bozeman-mt71 1947-cj2a-bozeman-mt72 1947-cj2a-bozeman-mt73 1947-cj2a-bozeman-mt74

“Pretty neat old CJ2a. 1947 was the first big year of mass production of the civilian jeep, and not a lot of the 45 and 46 CJ models exist anymore.

L-Head 4 cylinder runs like a sewing machine, good oil pressure and pretty quiet. New fuel pump and the carb was just cleaned and rebuilt. Exhaust is all there and holding together pretty well. Water pump gasket leaks a bit, and somewhere along the line the oil filter was removed.

The body/tub are in serviceable condition; the worst area is pictured on the dr side footwell. Floor is actually pretty solid (for its 72 years). The frame has been welded together and repaired many, many times during its life. And it still needs more work, I wouldn’t call it real road worthy right now.

The 3 speed transmission and twin stick transfer case work fine. Clutch works, we can load it on your trailer without a problem. The master cylinder is stuck, so no brakes, in fact there is no brake hardware on the passenger rear. The tires hold air. The fuel tank has a small leak, looks very fixable.

The body tags are gone, so if that is a problem for you, sorry. The block and casting numbers are in the pictures, and I have looked enough to satisfy myself it is reasonable to believe the Vin from the 1985 Maryland issued title. It corresponds to the range of ’47 Vins, and along with other stampings and visuals I am not worried. Questions, please ask. The block number looks like it was either stamped by somebody who had the shakes, or it might have been ground down and re-stamped after a rebuild. Not sure, but the .060 on the top of it leads me to believe that might be the case. So re the numbers – make sure you are OK with it as is.

I believe the original color was Luzon red with cream wheels.

Neat little piece of history, easy to get your arms around and work with, and there is a strong parts network out there for these.

Make an offer.

Willing to part with it for the right price, but more than willing to keep it too. Can drive it right on to your trailer, but in a month or so it will be snowed in, so don’t wait!

As should be evident by the pictures and description, this is a project and not a driver. But what a great project to have! I can also get my hands on a cab if you are interested.”


3 Comments on “1947 CJ-2A Bozeman, MT Make Offer

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Dave … I second that.

    My thoughts … CJ-2As are resold at about 2 times the rate of CJ-3As, something I roughly calculated a few years ago based on all jeeps I’ve listed, so I’d argue the 2A is the most resold flat fender model. Certainly, MBs/GPws total a larger market in terms of flatties that were manufactured, but so many were destroyed, left over seas, etc, that I have come to believe that the US national resale market in terms of numbers available isn’t as large as the 2A market. However, this is not something I’ve calculated.

    As for all vintage jeeps 1940-1983, there were about 3 times as many CJ-5s as 2as made, so they are arguably the model with the largest resale market of vintage jeeps.

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