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1959 Free Jeep Knife Brochure

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UPDATE: I’ve added pics of Blaine’s father’s knife set at the bottom of the post.

This brochure let recipients know that they’d get a free knife if they went for a demonstration ride at the local Ross Motors, INC, out of Rockland, Maine.

1959-02-demonstration-ride-free-jeep-knife-brochure1-lores 1959-02-demonstration-ride-free-jeep-knife-brochure2-lores

Blaine’s father received a knife set when he bought his 1959 CJ-5. It still looks in good shape sixty years later.




3 Comments on “1959 Free Jeep Knife Brochure

  1. John

    From the publication I couldnt really get the idea behind it. After the edit with pictures in its original pouch… this thing rocks. When I bought my 06 LJ new, all I got was a tool kit to take off the hardtop.

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