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1963 FC-170 Washington, CA Make Offer

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/26/2019) Doesn’t run.

“1963 jeep fc170, 6 cylinder , missing engine cover and air cleaner , good for parts or it can be restored , very little rust , Make Offer”


1963-fc170-wa-ca4 1963-fc170-wa-ca3 1963-fc170-wa-ca2


5 Comments on “1963 FC-170 Washington, CA Make Offer

  1. Blaine

    This is an assembled Jeep. The frame is a wide track FC150. The cab and the shortened bed is from a 1957 FC170.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I didn’t think this looked right, but couldn’t quite figure out why (and ran out of time).

  3. farmer john

    that’s my buddies old FC — its a FC-170 with several feet cut out of the center — shortened — it was in the sf bay area in the 1970’s — its the same FC I held up from tipping on a jeep road , with my bare hands — i’m convinced its the same one when I saw the CUTLASS hubs and the blue and white paint — not too many FC’S were ever shortened like this — i’m looking to see if I can find any pics of it — WAY BACK WHEN !!

  4. Blaine

    John, I looked at the frame better and I see that it is a 170 frame. But it’s still a 1957. I passed on a FC170 dually flatbed about 12(?) years ago that was shortened also.

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