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1946 Delivery Sedan Beatrice, NE **SOLD**


UPDATE:**SOLD** Was $6900.

Runs and drives.

“One of its kind, 1946 Jeep Willys Overland wagon. 4 cyl. New tires and other parts that needed replaced. 67718 original miles. Runs and drives. Pretty good shape. No title. Asking $6900 obo”

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8 Comments on “1946 Delivery Sedan Beatrice, NE **SOLD**

  1. Terry

    Overpriced? Not ! I would buy This jeep right now if it was a little closer or not in a Nebraska winter .

  2. Dave from Mn

    I also feel the price is a bit high. Would feel better if he had a transferable title. But in the Midwest prices are usually a bit lower than the coasts.

  3. Scouting Ranch

    If the body isn’t rotted the price is in the ballpark minus a thousand. I never understand why people want to sell a vehicle with no title. When I buy no title vehicles (only special ones), it always cost me about 1K to get everything in order after hiring the right state certified people to do the paper work.

  4. Terry

    All states have different laws and rules . Many buyers just want the drive train or just the body . In the old days , New York State used the engine number as the VIN not the serial number or body number . Change the engine , and VIN doesn’t match . In the late 60’s ,early 70’s the Fed’s unified the VIN laws for new car titles .

  5. Scouting Ranch

    Colorado used engine numbers as well. Still can’t understand that logic. Please someone buy this. These panels when left stock ride height top the cool factor in my world. And, the color is spot on in maroon.
    Why is it I never have enough room for another one?

  6. Joe DeYoung

    Went out to look at this Jeep Delivery this past weekend. Vin tag numbers make it a 49. This one is as clean on the underside as it is on the top so, it now lives in Madison, WI.

  7. David Eilers Post author


    Congrats on the purchase. That’s fantastic news about the underside. Have fun with it!

    – Dave

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