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1957 CJ-5 Weatherford, TX $3000


Needs brakes. Has the KS 0-9 speedo, but it’s missing the needle (not uncommon).

“Willy’s Jeep in good shape. Brakes need bled, but otherwise engine works good, new battery. Always kept inside. Perfect for ranch, hunting camp or weekend projects. Odemeter does not work, so unsure of the miles. No title.”

1957-cj5-weatherford-tx1 1957-cj5-weatherford-tx2 1957-cj5-weatherford-tx3 1957-cj5-weatherford-tx4


5 Comments on “1957 CJ-5 Weatherford, TX $3000

  1. Craig in ME

    Is that $300 or should it be $3,000? If $300…best deal I’ve ever seen…! Tires alone worth more than that…lol.

  2. Mike

    That paint job, nice and shiny, but leaves something to be desired, a good quality paint job. Looks like “Old man Kalman” painted it. There’s a story behind Old Man Kalman, we’ll save that for another day.

  3. Lidge

    The site guy put $300. The owner/seller put $3000. Site guy is fishing to see if anybody cares or notices his site and post.

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