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Burned CJ-2A & CJ-3A Healdsburg, CA $500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ-3A, Last Ride

There may not be any value here, as the heat may have left the metal brittle.

“These burned up in the kincaid fire one has a 4 cylinder and the other has a Buick v6 I have a title for 1 of them”



3 Comments on “Burned CJ-2A & CJ-3A Healdsburg, CA $500

  1. Allan J. Knepper

    Does anyone on here have any real world experience with fire damaged stuff ? I have some odds and ends hot rod stuff that was in a bad fire out in Nebraska. I assume that sheet metal damage is different than castings such as transfer cases, rear ends etc. Always heard that stuff was brittle or hardened, but I have zero experience. Has anyone been able to work with stuff like this ?

  2. bill

    I once bought a complete cj5 that had been in a fire, I was not able to use any parts off of it. I learned my lesson.

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