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1942 Photo of Radio-Equipped Search Jeep

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This September 23, 1942, photo and caption in the Madera Tribune describe the new way of using a jeep with a radio to communicate with a search plane so that crashes can be more easily located.



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  1. Barney Goodwin

    Unlike the smaller, more portable SCR series radio (BC-659) installed on the Jeep wheelhouse behind the driver, this radio system is truly incorporated into the whole Jeep. Pictured is what appears to be a Willys MB Z model radio Jeep. The Z model had the transceiver occupying the full length of the driver wheelhouse shown and the storage unit for cables, and accessories on the passenger side wheelhouse. A small, single seat was located in the back for the radio operator. There was a brass WILLYS designation plate on the dash board with a large “Z” on it. This radio Jeep had a pto driven12V generator located between the front seats to power this radio. The Jeep itself was 12V also with a 12V generator and components under the hood. And engine components were encased in large “cans” to provide against interference along with other suppressors. If you see one at a show, it’s worth a good walk-a-round.

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