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1942 GPW Greenwich, NY $22,000



UPDATE: Price now $22,000.

1942-gpw-bos-ma1 1942-gpw-bos-ma2 1942-gpw-bos-ma3 1942-gpw-bos-ma4

“Completely restored and correct World War II jeep. Made by Ford in 1942, this model GPW is the Willys design as specified by the U.S. Military. It has many of the correct Ford stamped parts. This jeep was restored and maintained by a mechanic so it runs, drives and brakes perfectly. Go Devil 4 cyl engine. Manual 4 wheel drive. Includes MP Siren. Combat Rims on repro NDT tires.You will find the details of this jeep are perfect for parades, shows or reenacting. A very reliable driver that will make any jeep enthusiast proud. Stop by and see it.”


6 Comments on “1942 GPW Greenwich, NY $22,000

  1. RACE

    Based on the map in John’s link I would say the location is Greenwich CT, not NY. Seller revealed to me that the tub is reproduction (no surprise) , and the engine is Hotchkiss.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    In this case, I checked the map before posting; Now, I just rechecked it. I thought it should be in CT, too, but the map I am showing puts the jeep near Chappaqua, NY. It could very well be incorrect.

    – Dave

  3. John

    No Dave you are correct. The Jeep I went to see… and the seller is named Dave as well is located in Chappaqua NY

  4. RACE

    I was going by the map in John’s link and that the location of Greenwich, NY is 150 miles north of Chappaqua.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    That’s so weird .. the ‘dot’ on the map I’m reading lands in Chappaqua, but the seller had written Greenwich, hence why I went with Greenwich, NY. But, after you mentioned it, I discovered what you already know, that Greenwich, NY, is farther north. So, I’m just all around confused 🙂 … perhaps the seller lives at one location and the jeep is at another?? At this point, if someone wants the jeep, they’ll figure it out!!

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