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1973 CJ-6 West Valley, UT $10,700


Listed as a Scrambler (probably just due to listing limitations of the ad software), this is actually a CJ-6.

“Vintage Jeep CJ6 …I have owned her for several years. I am 3rd owner. She’s all stock, no frills, no power steering or brakes, but a blast to drive. 304 v8 with 3 speed tranny. Cruises 70 on the freeway just fine. Don’t want to sell, but looking for a fish/ski boat. Text me, we’ll take her for a spin, and you’ll fall in love with this very rare sweetheart.”

1973-cj6-wv-ut1 1973-cj6-wv-ut2 1973-cj6-wv-ut3 1973-cj6-wv-ut4


5 Comments on “1973 CJ-6 West Valley, UT $10,700

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Several mods and repairs, but note the government data plate and instruction decal on the dash. The U.S. bought many 73s. CJ5s for stateside Army MPs and CJ6s for Forest Service which is probably what this one was.

  2. Mark S.

    You would have to do a close inspection, but the price does not seem out of line, if it looks as good up close.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    We specialize in these years including appraisals and I agree the price is not out of line at initial glance.

  4. Mike Tellez

    I had a gsa plate on my 81 cj8 along with a put your seat belt on and a warning of not for personal use punishable by us code blah blah blah.

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