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August 1954 Ad For Jeeps as Versatile Vehicles

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This ad was published in the August 1954 issue of Fortune Magazine. When Kaiser bought Willys, one of the early advertising decisions was to use the KW logo on various marketing documents. I suspect this was an attempt to brand across the jeep and Willys Aero lines. This strategy was dropped by 1955, followed shortly with the dropping of the Aero vehicles.

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3 Comments on “August 1954 Ad For Jeeps as Versatile Vehicles

  1. Ted Jordan

    That is really cool, looks like they mounted some sort of a drum pulley right to the rear gearbox output shaft instead of changing direction with a right angle drive unit. Then used it just like a Capstan

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Yep, it’s a capstan winch type of unit. I’ve remember ever seeing one like that on a jeep.

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