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Jeep Patches on eBay

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Maury spotted these three jeep-related patches on eBay. I suspect they were removed from a jacket, as they look to have been sewn onto something.

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4 Comments on “Jeep Patches on eBay

  1. Mike

    YEAH, YEAH, another vintage story. Back in 1960’s, (what other decade could it be) as a kid back in Clifton NJ, I had a red & white Jeep patch like the one in the bottom of the picture. I think it cost me fifty cents, mail order, and it took six weeks to get. Than it took another six months for my mother to sew it on my jacket.

  2. Scott

    Not sure how I received it, but I have the same Willys patch. I probably acquired it in the 80’s, but it still has not made it onto a jacket. Funny timing though, recently I’ve been thinking about gathering all my patches and having them sewn onto a jacket

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