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1952 M-38 Streator, IL $15,000

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UPDATE: John also has a rebuilt M-274 Mule for $17,000 or $30,000 for both the M-38 and Mule (As nice of a Mule and as equipped as I’ve ever seen).

1952-m38-streator-il0 1952-m38-streator-il1 1952-m38-streator-il2 1952-m38-streator-il3 1952-m38-streator-il4

“For sale, 1952 M38. Nine year old frame off restoration. Have all the original receipts plus what I’ve put into it. Engine was rebuilt also. Used wrong adaptor on my compression gauge and bent valve. Has been replaced and runs good again. Can show receipts and pictures for the valve work. Has minor master cylinder leak. Have a new one just to lazy to put it on. New brakes in 2018 and new water pump in 2019. New batteries in 2019. Has overdrive but seriously I have never tried it. (My bad) has been in heated garage since I’ve owned it and never seen rain.

Have some new steering parts. Have most of the fording parts. Has a couple of typical oil leaks but nothing bad. All the fluids, tranny, transfer case, rear ends, anti freeze, and engine oil have been changed recently. Wiper motors are but not hooked up, no blades either. . Since it doesn’t see rain, never needed them. Gas gauge has some rust showing in it.

Since there were 100 different opinions on the direction of the hood star, I put it the way I believed it goes. My knee doesn’t work real good with the clutch anymore so I’m selling it. If your looking for a museum piece this isn’t it but it’s a nice clean vehicle that just needs a little TLC. I also have an M274 A5 with recoilless rifle mule for sale. Four wheel steering. Nice but no museum piece either. I’m asking $15,000.00 for the M38 and $17,000.00 for the mule or thirty for both”

A pic of the Mule:


15 Comments on “1952 M-38 Streator, IL $15,000

  1. Dave from Mn

    He said that it has overdrive so I’m thinking he used the pto hole for the od shifter.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    ahhh … I’ve never heard of doing that, but I suppose that could work. Good thinking.

  3. John

    Dave, it’s not sold. I just took it off of Craigslist. If you read my sad stupid compression gauge story, it needs a valve I’m sure. I’m going to get it repaired and go back to my original asking price of $15000.00. If someone is interested in it for $12000.00 without the stuff in it, it can go. Sorry for the confusion. John

  4. John

    I got tired of reading so many different opinions on the directions of the star that I just put it like I liked it. Also many pictures of it both ways on m38s. It’s not in a museum or do I imply it’s museum quality. It’s just a nice jeep that loves summertime. The new valve has been installed and seems to be running fine. Little chilly here in Illinois to take drive. John jr. Everybody have a Merry Christmas.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    John, sometimes it just isn’t easy to figure those details out! Glad to hear that new valve is working. Have a Merry Christmas!

    – Dave

  6. Buz

    The star is correct. I’ve been doing this so long I was buying them directly from the govt way back when, that’s the way they were. The star was reverse from the ww2 jeeps.

  7. Joey G

    I am more familiar with MB and GPW restoration prices. Is the $15K asking price reasonable for this Jeep?

  8. JW

    I’d say it’s worth that price to someone willing to pay it. Appears to be a very nice M38, and that price is completely in line with others that appear to be that nice. The devil is in the details, and if the details are as correct as they appear to be after a 25 second examination of a few low res photos show, then as the owner of an unrestored M38 I’d go for this one if this one was I was looking for. Of course, my opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it. 🙂

  9. Jim J

    Nice vehicles. The $15,000 asking price for the M38 is aggressive and on the high end after a brief glance at photos. Incorrect primer, pedals, pto, steering wheel, no wipers or plumbing, scabbard or brackets on windshield, repro data, CJ wheels? On the other hand, the mule with recoilless rifle is worth every penny of the $17,000 asking price in my opinion from one photo.

  10. John jr.

    Jim I’m just curious. Could you send me pictures of the correct rims and steering wheel for the m38? I’m not concerned about the paint/primer. I have the original plates but they’re really beat up. I also have the correct pedals but like the rubber ones so much better. Don’t drive it in the rain so no wipers don’t bother me either. I’m assuming when you say pto you are referring to the overdrive unit with the red knob. Thanks for your input. John at

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