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Old Novak Catalog Cover

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UPDATE: The location has been identified as “Oceano Dunes SVRA a state park located by Pismo Beach Cal. It is not as open to day as it was back then”.

Ted shared this catalog cover from an ancient  Novak catalog.



7 Comments on “Old Novak Catalog Cover

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Dave, wouldn’t this be a childhood picture of your friends and family arriving at the Eilers’ estate for a barbecue back in the day?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Steve: Well, my childhood ‘estate’ was a one acre, rural, wooded, property with a hodge-podge of a house (no sand and never any barbecues). That said, I have been to a few sand events like the one below. There was at least one PNW4WDA Summer Convention at the Oregon Dunes circa 1974, which had many more jeeps and people than this image shows.

  3. Chuck

    I’m guessing a Hill Climb Competition at Pismo Beach. Note the ribboned off area at the bottom, the Jeeps with paddle tires on this side of the ribbon. The Spectators on the far side of the ribbon. And the photographer would be on the top looking down.

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