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1951 Truck Platteville, WI No Price

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Looks like a nice truck.


“Willy’s Overland Truck for sale. Up an down the hills for fun or down the road. Had no rust before Completely restoring mechanical & body…. Not in a hurry to sell but accepting reasonable offers at this time”



3 Comments on “1951 Truck Platteville, WI No Price

  1. Ranchboy

    “make offer” That always makes me shake my head, and not in a good way. Just put a price on the darn thing. This isn’t the “Art of the Deal”

  2. Bob in NC

    A neighbor of mine bought a sweet original 51 Chevy pick up truck a few years ago. He paid almost 10 grand. If this had been a 59 or later I could have been interested. If this one is low miles and really rust free my guess is about 10. But he’s not going to sell for ten.

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