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1963 CJ-5 Tux Park III Tucson, AZ $8750


Seller has been restoring this back to original. He thinks the T-90 may need an overhaul.

1963-cj5-TUXPARKIII-tucson-az1 1963-cj5-TUXPARKIII-tucson-az2 1963-cj5-TUXPARKIII-tucson-az3 1963-cj5-TUXPARKIII-tucson-az4

“This is a 1963 Willys Tuxedo Park (Mark III) – the reason I say clarify is that they apparently made this model before the well known chromed-up, column shift, Elvis driven in the movies type ’64 model (Mark IV Tux – when they sold to Kaiser) everyone recognizes as unique. This one is the year earlier by Willys in ’63 of the same Tuxedo Park badge and some of the upgrades to appeal to the wider “upscale sporty” audience.

It’s got the 60/40 seats (redone beautifully), it’s got the original hood badges, and supposedly had much of the chrome at one time. Again it was the transition unit to the Mark IV. It’s been about 90% restored, and mostly original, but little bits here and there are replica parts.

The Hurricane 134 engine runs strong and clean, the brakes have been upgraded from 9″ drums to the 11″ drums for safety, and so I had to get new wheels and tires, but still of nearly the same period, and it actually stops instead of scaring the Willys out of you like the 9″ ones did. I just replaced the water pump and disconnected the heater core. And replaced the fuel pump. kept the original if you want it. The Rear passenger side spare rack remains as well to complete the “look”. The add-ons by the guy I bought it from who was a welder were the custom roll-bar, and custom – very heavy duty – bumpers.

Look up the model and research it a bit and see what they’ve sold for on Mecum Auctions. You’ll be surprised. It’s crazy.

Issues: The body is imperfect, but pretty good, but you can replace a tub easy if you want it showroom perfect – the T90 tranny – though it works quite well – is noisy in the low gears. I suspect it will need an overhaul / bearings eventually. But you can pick up the little boxes for $500 rebuilt from Rob at Willys Works. So in light of that failing, I think I’ve priced it very fairly, but will consider fair offers nearby. Don’t need help selling – not planning on any long distance sales – cash is King. Bullion (precious metal type – not the soup) also is cash. Trades? Not sure yet. Cash or Precious Metal better. No offers considered before you see it in person.”


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