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1951 Yakima Ridge Runners’ Life Article

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This May 14, 1951, article “Life Goes Ridgerunning” from Life Magazine used to be posted in full on the Yakima Ridge Runner’s website, but that site appears to be no longer active. So, you’ll find it below.

If you’ve never seen the color footage of the Ridge Runners jeeping in the Cascade Mountains, that’s worth a throwback look:

And, there’s the widely circulated set of two videos that may have been filmed at the same time the writers of the magazine article were visiting Yakima (video 1 and video 2)

1951-05-14-life-magazine-ridge-runners-article1-lores Scannable Document Scannable Document Scannable Document

Scannable Document Scannable Document


4 Comments on “1951 Yakima Ridge Runners’ Life Article

  1. Vintage Don

    Great post! Made my coffee taste better than usual this morning. Some of the best was the first video link(s) to the old “home movie” videos. And the original post’s Comments on the history, with Mom chiming in. Great stuff, indeed. Are you doing the big roadtrip this year whereby you end up attending the Willys Reunion in Aurora OH In May?

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Our trip planning has been limited by Ann’s mother’s health. Our expectation is that she will pass away in the next few months, based on several experts’ estimations, but there is no certainty. I do plan to go to the FC Roundup in March, then hope to get to Texas for a week. Whether Ann will be with me or not is unknown. We have no plans after that. We just have to see how life unfurls.

    So, no East Coast drives planned for this year.

    – Dave

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Interesting the headlight modification on the MB/GPW bottom of page 156 using what appears to be standard lights.

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