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1955 Willys History in Air Trails Hobbies For Young Men

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Air Trails Hobbies was a ‘how to’ magazine that provided news, reports, designs, and ‘how to’s’ on a range of hobbies. It’s intellectual bent on science and design just makes it more odd that it’s overview of the Willys History seems so lacking, especially in the 4WD jeep department. Given that, by February 1955 (the date of the issue below) the CJ-5 was already introduced, it seems a bit odd to ignore the latest jeep!

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2 Comments on “1955 Willys History in Air Trails Hobbies For Young Men

  1. Mark Wahlster

    LOL I have this issue in my Model Airplane magazine collection of over 4800 magazines. I’ll have to dig this one out. I have all the Air Trails and Air Trails Pictorials from Jan 46 to the end of the mag in Mar 54 When it changed its name to Air Trails Hobbies for Young Men that ran April 54 to Nov 56 when they again changed their name to American Modeler and then American Aircraft Modeler when it ended except for a few special issues in Mar of 75. Lots of neat history in Model airplane magazines.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mark: I’d never heard of it. I found it a pretty cool magazine with lots of interesting articles.

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