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1943 Article Of Jeep Purchase By School Kids

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Seattle’s St. Joseph Boy’s School and St. Joseph’s Academy worked together to buy a $900 jeep for the military.


“A JEEP, valued at $900, was a gift to Uncle Sam, from students of St. Joseph’s Academy and St. Joseph’s Boys’ school. War stamps and bonds purchased by the boys and girls at their own school booths within a two-week period paid for the jeep. Purchasers wore tags, the girls bearing the likeness of General MacArthur and the inscription: “He’s Fighting—l’m Buying,” and the boys’ tags bore a gold V and distinguished star of various colors.

Bond buyers pictured from left to right with the jeep in front of the academy, are: Sergeant Dauer, Theresa Gamache, Lorraine Brule, Mary Ellen Chott, John Kerkem, William Himmelsbach and Patricia. Others were Francis Rooney, Claude Clifford, Laon Deymonaz, William Bischoff, Willetta Hofmeister, Donald Brule and nd Donna Gamache.”


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