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1964? DJ-3A/Surrey Seats Pollock Pines, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Were $300.

After a closer look, it appears the serial number makes the DJ-3A a 1962 (#56337 22581).

“Here’s a rare 60/40 or split front seat out of my 1964 DJ3A. It needs restoration or recovering. My DJ3A was a surrey originally and you can see the original pink and white stripes under the tan. Frame has been repaired at some point. Perfect for your surrey restoration.”

dj3a-surrey-seats-ca2 dj3a-surrey-seats-ca


11 Comments on “1964? DJ-3A/Surrey Seats Pollock Pines, CA **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    Yes, you are correct. I just set them on the ground like that for the pictures. Sorry for the confusion. These were in my DJ3A when I got it. It’s a combination of parts. I am only assuming it was a surrey based on the color that is visible in some places, and the pink and white stripes on fabric under the tan. I included a picture of the serial number and data plates. I figured if anyone can identify it , it will certainly be from this site. Thanks

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike, thanks for the note.

    1) I took a closer look at the serial number. The serial number indicates your DJ-3A was manufactured in 1962 (, though it could have been sold in 1964.
    2) To second Mike’s answer, the larger seat is on the driver’s side. I am not thrilled with this setup as I tend to sink towards the middle of that large seat when I’m driving my 1956 DJ-3A.
    3) It seems possible that they were Surrey seats, but who knows for sure. I don’t know of any differences between the Surrey and non Surrey 2/3-1/3 seats, than the covers.
    4) Side note: The rubber bottoms made for walkers fit nicely on the bottom of these seats and make a good, cheap replacement for the stock ones. Here’s a look at my seats (though I didn’t get a pic of the walker bottoms):

    And a few more pics of Patterson:

    – Dave

  3. Nick

    Are these still available? I only need the smaller/passenger side but I’m interested. I didn’t see any contact info or price but the link seems to have been deleted so am I correct to assume they’re sold?

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Nick, are you needing the 1/3 DJ-3A seat or a 1/3 CJ-5 seat (not sure what the difference is on how the legs mount, but there could be a difference)?

    – Dave

  5. Nick

    Mine is a 1959 DJ-3A and it’s actually a Gala/Surrey so these would have been perfect I believe. No jockey box

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Nick, yes it sounds like they would have been perfect. If I spot any I will let you know.

    – Dave

  7. Nick

    Thanks! If I don’t find them soon I may just put a lot of labor into mine to make them work. I appreciate the help and info!

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