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1944 Ad With Jeep By Toastmaster on eBay

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This soldier has a jeep and a wife, but now finally has the toaster he’s always wanted. I guess life is complete?

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“1944 Toastmaster Toasters Appliances Just Married Jeep Vintage Magazine Print Ad 5-1/2″ x 13″”



4 Comments on “1944 Ad With Jeep By Toastmaster on eBay

  1. Bingo

    Don’t laugh….my Toastmaster from that era still works perfectly…….nary a rust hole to be found! I’m a bit more crusty tho’!

  2. Barney Goodwin

    I honestly didn’t think they made toasters during the war. As Bingo testifies to the quality of them above, a lot of material went into them: Steel, copper, chromium, cloth, ASBESTOS (yea, it’s in the cord) bakolite (forerunner of plastic). All stuff that would be used in the war effort and prohibited for luxuries. A toaster would be the last item I think would be approved.

  3. Bob in PA

    If it ever would come to that, some of the old 1700’s houses by the Philadelphia art museum have old fashioned toasters that toast toast by the fireplace.

    I thought it initially was an ad for toastmasters club that promotes public speaking. Never heard of a toastmaster toaster.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    Bob, They are still in business though I’m not sure which company now owns them. You can find them on Amazon, Walmart, etc. On ebay, I found this original model (above) – actually, hundreds of them – in various condition including a NOS one for over $200. When flipped over, you can follow the Canadian Pat dates which place the manufacture within a few years of the last date. they begin with 1944. But I’d still put up a good debate whether these were made during the war. I’m sure they Pat’d a lot of stuff during the war they could not bring to market, but industrialists were always looking beyond the war, just as they did with Jeep. The ad talks about looking forward to getting one. And the Army/Navy banner with the “E” in the middle represents an Excellence Award in the company’s production for the war effort. ie: Just like Rockola Jukebox made M1 Carbines. But I guarantee you they were not making jukeboxes. Makes you wonder what Toastmaster really made for the war effort.

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