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Year? Willys Station Wagon Ad From Canada

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This Willys-Overland of Canada Limited wagon ad is listed as a 1945 ad, but given the wagon wasn’t introduced until mid-1946, I’d say that date is a mistake. The text mentions the “new, rugged Willys Trucks”, which weren’t introduced until mid-1947. That style of wagon was used in numerous 1948 ads and the Willys-Overland graphic made an appearance in some of the 1948 ads, too. The lack of any mention of the wagon being a jeep is curious, as Willys-Overland didn’t make a big push on dropping ‘Jeep’ from its advertising until late 1949.

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“1945 Canadian Willys-Overland print ad Station Wagon. Original paper item measures 8.5 X 11 inches (approx.). Any shades or shadows are from the scanner and do not appear on the actual ad.”



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