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1950 CJ-3A Midland Park, NJ $6000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/25/2020) Includes a snowplow, but needs to be installed.

“Runs good. Brakes work. It’s registered with antique plates. Comes with a snow plow but the lower frame needs to be installed. Has more than 300 miles. Not sure what the actual miles are. Rust in all the usual places”

1950-cj3a-midlandpark-nj1 1950-cj3a-midlandpark-nj2 1950-cj3a-midlandpark-nj3


3 Comments on “1950 CJ-3A Midland Park, NJ $6000

  1. Mike

    Midland Park, NJ my neck of the woods, is a old established Dutch Reformed community in Bergen County. There was a time into the 1960’s when strict religious restrictions would even prohibit selling your Jeep on a Sunday. A seller wouldn’t even answer the phone, you would have to come on a weekday.
    Dairy farms were still in business into the 60’s, and one particular farm had a Willys with the half cab and rear mounted work light that always caught my eye when driving by. Parked next to a small fleet of Divco milk trucks, it became a “mile Marker” for my route deliveries.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I have had a few of those mile markers over the years, so I can relate. Even when I was out of jeeps I had them. Circa 2001 there was a 3B between Salt Lake City and Pleasant Grove on the west side of I-15 that I’d admire parked in the back of a business on the way from SLC to PG (I had a girlfriend at the time that lived in PG). It needed work, but I’d still check it out on each drive.

  3. Mike

    Thanks Dave, I guess I’m not the only one, maybe there are more of us out there than I realize.
    Even to this day, I still look for mile marker Jeeps. For the past ten years on my trips back to NJ, traveling along US 81 in PA, two CJ5’s have been sitting in someone’s backyard. Strange as it sounds, gives me a sense of peace & well being when I see them. The same was true when I traveled to visit my sister in the Catskills, over a period of thirty plus years, mile marker Jeeps were always part of the enjoyment of driving.
    Highway construction is on going, hope they don’t build any sound walls, for if they do, I’d be lost.

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