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Sept/Oct 1955 Willys News

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Here’s another of my favorite issues of Willys News, as it includes a photo of our good friend Hugo Vidal as he and his two traveling companions (only Charles and Hugo are shown in the pic waving good bye) were about to depart Philadelphia in their trusty CJ-3B for their drive to Alaska.

Also in this issue is an image showing some of the brochures available to dealers. There are two new brochures added since the January 1955 Willys News showed these brochures: 1) The Willys Utility Wagon Brochure and 2) the introductory 1956 DJ-3A Brochure (not available to dealers until 1956).

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2 Comments on “Sept/Oct 1955 Willys News

  1. Scotty

    Dave I wish we could have had the old reference material when we pitched Alaska or Rust sponsorship to Jeep, that would have helped them connect the dots on Hugo for sure!

  2. David Eilers Post author


    You’d think that would have helped, but who knows. At least FCA Brazil saw the value in Hugo.

    – Dave

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