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Garage Sale Various Jeeps .. Unclear If Any Are Left

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ5, DJ-3A, FC150-FC170-M677

Thanks to Nick for spotting this garage sale. It occurred last weekend, but maybe some jeeps remain. The FC has potential. The yellow DJ-3A appears to have been a cargo loader.

“Have a few jeeps for sale. B/o
Some run some don’t.
Garage sale at 7 pinewood rd Howell nj 07731.
Sat 10-6
Sun 10-6
Lots of other stuff”

garage-sale-nj0 garage-sale-nj1 garage-sale-nj2 garage-sale-nj4 garage-sale-nj5



11 Comments on “Garage Sale Various Jeeps .. Unclear If Any Are Left

  1. Mike

    Morris Ratner (the Jeepster man ) was located in Howell Twp. NJ. He passed away some years ago, just wondering if this is some of his old stock. He had so much stuff accumulated over the decades, I wouldn’t be surprised if these vehicles were part of what remains. He was a tough old geezer, held on to everything, (good parts & junk) but once you got to know him, you realized he was a gentle old soul. He had a daughter who helped him out, forget her name, but most likely was in charge of settling his estate.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Mike, This stuff is not from Jeepsterman, but the owner was a customer of their’s. Morris’s daughter is Shelly who took over the business after her father’s passing and ran it successfully until she sold it a year ago and retired. Great lady in this business who probably has forgotten more than most of us know. She sold JM to Just Jeepsters (Mark and John) of Festus, MO.

  3. mike Finegan

    Barney Goodwin, thank you for the information, I always value answers to my questions. Shelly, yes, met her a few times and was impressed with her knowledge nd the way she took care of her dad.

  4. rdjeep

    Looking at Google maps, this doesn’t look like a rural enough place to have this much Jeep stuff.

    I remember seeing Morris a couple of times at the Carlisle, PA shows. That was a long time ago. Wondered what happened to him and his collection/business.

  5. Joe in Mesa

    While I was still living in Howell (late 2007 or so?) I heard about the Jeepsterman and went looking for him, near Farmingdale, but while we found the property/address we were too late and heard they were getting out of the business… maybe they already had. I didn’t end up finding any flatfender worth buying until a couple years after moving to Arizona. Always wished I’d met him and seen the collection :-(.

  6. Joe in Mesa

    That whole area is surprisingly rural and this property is in the Turkey Swamp Park area – very wooded and large lots. I’ve always said my place in New Jersey was more rural than where I grew up in Iowa… and it really is.

  7. Mike

    I emailed the seller and everything but the CJ6 is still fore sale, not surprised. Being a NJ guy myself, Howell Twp is out in the sticks in NJ compared to the Clifton, Passic, Paterson area of the state. Don’t believe Google, very misleading.
    Joe in Mesa, Morris Ratner was one of the old school Jeep guys who got into the business after World War 2 like many other GI’s. Some people would say he had a “attitude”,just his unique style in doing business like many old timers of that by gone era. Others that come to mind in my area of NY, NJ, John VanDine in Paramus, NJ and Sarafan in Spring Valley, NY, and Richard Rowett in Franklin Twp NJ These guys were always a role model for me as a teenager in the 1960’s. To me, if there is a book to be written, it is about these men who were pioneers way ahead of their time, and set the pace for today’s frenzied market place. They were my role models, and still have my upmost respect. Gee, I guess I rambled on again, no need for ME to go to Africa, there is enough adventure here in the states to talk about.

  8. Terry

    I dealt with both Morris The Jeepsternan an Sarafan as far back as the 1970s ,I don’t know who was worse . Both were cranky, abusive, old men ,not a role model for anyone . They must have been related .

  9. Mike

    Terry, yes they were cranky personalities, but that’s what made it great, kind of like old vaudeville comics, after you got to know them , you could “feed” them lines to get scripted answers. I found it to be lots of fun. There is another guy that comes to mind, Mike in the parts dept. at Borough AMC Jeep, Wayne NJ. Mike’s opening line was “Whata ya want, come back tomorrow, today is a bad day,” You got to love it, I know I did. Parts for money, entertainment for free.

  10. Barney Goodwin

    Mike’s right. And Morris had a hearing impairment which caused him to talk real loud. I didn’t mind him talking loud to me because it helped me pay attention to someone who knew what they were talking about.

  11. rdjeep

    Joe, Thanks for the correction. “Turkey Swamp Park” kind of sums it up.

    My wife made the mistake of asking me what I wanted for our wedding anniversary……

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