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1946 CJ-2A Richmond, ME $9000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/08/2019) A military tribute jeep. Looks solid. The drain holes have been filled, but that may have been to make it look more like an MB.

“Willys Jeep with a military style paint job. Original engine, ran mostly in parades these last few years”

1946-cj2a-richmond-me1 1946-cj2a-richmond-me2 1946-cj2a-richmond-me3 1946-cj2a-richmond-me4


4 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A Richmond, ME $9000

  1. peter45cj

    I always wonder why a person wouldn’t just get military Jeep rather than taking what appears to be a fairly original 1946 VEC and dressing it up be MB/GPW. Even now the war Jeeps seem to fairly easy to find.

  2. Dave from Mn

    My opinion was at least until a few years ago it was easier to find a fixer-upper 2a than a world war two jeep and the price was cheaper on the 2a’s but in the last couple years prices on everything still seem to have gone up quite a bit.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    For most folks, I think Dave is right. 2As have definitely been cheaper (and all jeeps have jumped in price), so they make more sense financially for folks who want a military-like jeep.

    But, there are also folks who think all jeeps were used by the military (a number Craigslist ads suggest this is the case), so they just didn’t know any better.

    Additionally, other folks may have had 2As already and militarized them because they were cheap to alter.

    Finally, a guy back in 2010 who bought and sold jeeps told me he had the most success selling CJs if they were painted Olive Drab. It didn’t matter if it was a CJ-2A or a CJ-5. He would locate a cheap, modified CJ, pull off the mods, refurb it, paint it OD, add some military garb, and sell it.

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