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2019 Colombian Yipao Video

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This is one of the better videos that I’ve seen about the Colombian Yipaos and why families participate in it.


6 Comments on “2019 Colombian Yipao Video

  1. Mike

    A TRUE celebration of heritage and culture, emphasizing the Willys Jeep and family values. This video gives me hope that there are some cultures still in touch with their humanity and the interaction of the modern world. What it pays tribute to, is the development of the Willys Jeep and how it plays a big part in development of family, the spiritual wealth of peace and well being.
    This approach to life is so different from main stream American values where the value of money in terms of profit, is the only consideration.
    I am content to say, I am not motivated by the profit factor, we can all view this video as a reference for living, our love of Willys Jeeps is well reflected in this video presentation.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Wow: the Yipao may have to go on my Bucket List… so amazing and joyful. I ended up chain-watching (binging) on multiple videos after the one above. Thanks for sharing Dave!

  3. Chuck

    This video gave me great joy to see old Willys actually being useful. In the United States most are either restored and tucked away, or rusting away in some field or cut up to build a rat rod or crawler. Not that any of this is “wrong”, I love the museum Willys and the yard art Willys and the Mofified Willys, it’s just not that often one sees a ‘Using’ Willys.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Another of my goals is to witness one of these Yipao’s in person. Riding in a parade jeep would even be better!!

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