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1956 Forms W-25X-XX Brochures

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UPDATE: I had these marked down as 1957 brochures, but they actually appear to be 1956 brochures.

In trying to organize some of the brochures that were produced for 1956, I have acquired these five brochures that have similar form numbers, but differing designs depending on whether they were for the domestic or export market. After all the efforts to harmonize the 1954/1955 product brochures, to have these brochures look different is a bit of a head scratcher to me.

I have three similar domestic brochures and two similar export brochures, yet they all have similar Form numbers. I’ve dated them 1956 based on the “-6” ending to the Form number. Below is an overview of the brochures. Posts with a full look at each individual brochure follow this post.

Additionally, it seems like there should be at least one additional brochure based on the Form Numbers; I’m missing W-251-6 and W-251-6X, if they existed.

  1. Form W-250-6 (CJ-5/CJ-6/CJ-3B):
  2. Form W-250-6X (CJ-5/CJ-6/CJ-3B) Export:
  3. Forms W-251-6 or W-251-6X: Anyone have either one?
  4. Form W-252-6 (Trucks):
  5. Form W-252-6X (Trucks) Export:
  6. Form W-253-6 (Wagons):
  7. Form W-253-6X (Wagons) Export: Anyone have this form?

4 Comments on “1956 Forms W-25X-XX Brochures

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Chris, good point. Why use that illustration, yet show pictures of CJ-5s without the split windshield around it. Hmmm.

  2. Dan B.

    Great post. It sounds like the date is already confirmed, but the truck and wagon are 1957 due to the fresh air inlet on the grill.

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