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4 Renegade? Rims Danbury, CT $400

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These might be a set of Renegade rims.×7-forged.140801/


“I have a set of 4 Renegade rims. 5×5.5” bolt pattern. I’m not sure, but I believe these are original to the 72-75 renegades, but will fit any CJ.

They are all stamped “FORGED” on the back side. Also a number is found stamped on each rim. 3 have the number 3153655, and 1 has the number 3153542. These numbers don’t mean much to me, but they may to someone.

These are in really nice shape with no damage and should look like new with a good polishing. $400 for the set. Would consider shipping at your expense, but pickup in Newtown CT preferred.”


7 Comments on “4 Renegade? Rims Danbury, CT $400

  1. Mike

    They MIGHT BE is right, questionable at best. Pictures are too small to make an accurate judgment. The rims look too dark, maybe just dirty, but the Renegade rims were lighter, aluminium like in color appearance.

  2. carl la fong

    HOLA — I have some real wide rims like this – way wider than these — was thinking of putting 2 on the back of my 67 cj-6 v-6 – so it doesn’t turn over , top heavy , Kelly full hardtop – but I don’t want to put super-wide mag-rims on the front – no power steering – reg size mags in the front – wide ones in the back ? probably blow up the transfer case in 4×4 – couldn’t rotate tires – plus side , would look like a dragster/funny car , better ride quality over my 7.00 16 non-directionals ..

  3. Dan Ferris

    I am interested in those rims. Please let me know if they are still available.

  4. Jeffrey Fernandes

    Hi My name is jeff. I live about 40 miles from you,around danbury ct. I am available all day. I would be willing to come to you and offer you 250 cash for the rims and be on my way. Let me know, thanx 914-760-4432

  5. @jj.eff

    Dave, I have try to sign up. The question about the f134 cubic inch I have answered and it wont let me join. I own 3 of these motors and gave the answer as 134 cubic inch,161.1 cubic inch,so maybe I am wrong but I am trying to sign up. Please let me know. Thanx Jeff

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Jeff,

    I’ve contacted a friend at the page to see if they can figure out what is happening. I’ve included your name and email in the email I sent. You should be hearing from them sometime today.

    – Dave

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