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The Investigators: A Watercolor Illustration

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Blaine spotted this watercolor illustration, titled The Investigators, that shows some sailors in a jeep ogling two women standing next to the Greenpernt Grocery. The watercolor sold for $287 at auction in April of 2019. It’s larger than I initially thought at almost 3 feet wide (35.75 inches) and 28.75 inches tall. I could find nothing about an artist named “Sweet”.

The name “Greenpernt” might be a reference Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York. Apparently, Greenpernt was how Brooklyners referred to the area at one time. As one person wrote on a remembrances page, “My Brooklyn was High School days riding the GG train to Brooklyn Automotive in Greenpoint (Greenpernt to my dad)”. 

There’s also a corner of Noble St and West St (note the signs in the illustration) in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that suggest this corner might have inspired the artist.




5 Comments on “The Investigators: A Watercolor Illustration

  1. Bingo

    My kid lives there. Lotsa Polish there now, which is iconic/ironic. Since these boys are about to run right into that streetlight/pole! The B in this CJ3, will soon stand fer Bent.

  2. Morgan

    Artist name is “Sweet”. I think the lass on the left is smokin’ a butt. And it looks like some broken windows in the storefront. Along with the other details, there could be an intriguing story there somehow maybe.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Well that’s the oddest “S” I’ve ever seen! I’ve corrected the post. I didn’t notice the broken windows Yes, very interesting. I searched for a Brooklyn artist named Sweet, but didn’t get very far.

    – Dave

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