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WAAC Recruitment Ad on eBay

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I think it is interesting that there’s rope wrapped around the front bumper on this vintage ad. I guess that was a ‘thing’ at the time.

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“The original 8×11″ magazine ad in very good condition.  NOT a reprint.”



2 Comments on “WAAC Recruitment Ad on eBay

  1. RACE

    I think the Libbey Company still exists in Toledo under the Pilkington North America name. Ironically owned now by Nippon Sheet Glass company.

  2. LOF INC.

    my dear sainted mother was a NAVY WAVE during WW2 — she never mentioned any jeeps — pop was NAVY also — U.S.S. ENTERPRISE — at pearl harbor 12/8/41 — to clean up the mess — he said he used to steal jeeps from the army grunts ? — put new numbers on the hood ? — I think this LIBBEY company was the one that made glass for all the jeeps — i’m pretty sure theres a ” LOF ” on a lot of my old jeep glass — LIBBEY OWENS FORD — plus if you look closely , theres a date — my 1948 willys truck has 2-48 below the LOF marking — one way to find out when your jeep was made ?

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