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Misc Willys-Overland Parts


Steve spotted these Willys parts for sale. Neither of us had seen the Willys-Overland tubes. The parts are located in Canada.

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“A few parts in original boxes. 2 Inlet Valves and 1 Exhaust. 1 Bell crank and 2 hoses and 3 lug nuts. Sold as is. Item is located and will be shipped from Canada. Canada Post is very expensive and there is nothing I can do about that. Shipping quote is for North America. Foreign is extra. Buyer pays $12 shipping to US and $14 in Canada. Combine on shipping where possible.”



4 Comments on “Misc Willys-Overland Parts

  1. ambrose bierce

    I have a whole box full of these — the engine valves were left over NOS stuff that didn’t sell back in the day — open the can and you will find some of them are rusted — the ones I have fit the willys L-161 flathead — I have a rebuilt 161 flatty block and crank I bought from A and P trucks in Oklahoma city — steve ? shipped it out to me years ago , and its missing some of the internal parts , which I have , the 161 L-head was from a 1953 willys aero-falcon , same model I have — always good to use NOS parts when building an engine .

  2. ambrose bierce

    the 800558 willys overland part number is for the F-161 engine , not the L-161 — and plainly the larger diameter F-head intake valve wont fit the L-head engine , the exhaust valves may be interchangeable , would have to check my master parts catalogue .

  3. ambrose bierce

    the 802586 willys overland part number is an exhaust valve for the F-161 engine , use it in your Kaiser Darrin ?

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