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Image of CJ-2 on eBay

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This image shows a CJ-2 jeep with a welding setup(?). The “JEEP” on the windshield coupled with the position of the spare tire are clues to the model. This image is placed atop a metal sign as part of the purchase.

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10 Comments on “Image of CJ-2 on eBay

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Dave, I am replicating my camper photo post here to explain the volume of these metal photos which have recently appeared:
    My understanding, and from one of the many listings this seller has, is that this seller has been loaned or given a batch of vintage photographs by Ron Szymanski. Ron, a retired Jeep factory employee, was curator of the Jeep House Museum at the factory until it was closed, liquidated, and torn down. (Ron told me he was hired in ’63 as part of the 1000 employees added to Jeep at the start of the Wagoneer / Gladiator.) People like this seller must make more money making metal signs and selling them for man cave decorations than just reproducing the photo by itself. Plus, the finish on the metal makes it very difficult to pirate and produce duplicate, regular, quality photos.

  2. mbullism

    Fred posits that “the white building in the background may be the rear (western) side, of the grand old Willys Overland administration building, long since demolished”

  3. David Eilers Post author

    hmm .. Mbull … I wondered about that, but hoped they knew what they were talking about. Perhaps I gave them too much credit? … thanks for the research!

  4. rdjeep

    Squinting really hard, I made out the name on the compressor crankcase, “DAVEY”. Did a little research, Davey originated in the 1920’s, with a lightweight, vane type compressor. They used aluminum for weight savings, which made sense for use in a Jeep application. Much production went to the military and government around the WWII years. The compressor pictured is a reciprocating style, two stage, air cooled compressor.

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